5 bedroom country cottage

Davidstow is a charming village in north Cornwall and is three miles from Camelford. If you rent self holiday accommodation in Davidstow you must go and visit the nearby Museum of Witchcraft. Take a trip to visit the Daphne du Mauriers Smugglers Museum or spend a day at Tintagel Castle. Bring your dog and rent a pet friendly holiday cottage in Davidstow and visit the Hidden Valley Discovery Park. You can also visit one of the local beaches and go swimming or even try windsurfing. Davidstow holiday rentals offer so many different fun things to see and do when on a summer holiday to Cornwall.

1 bed holiday cottage

1 Bedroom self-catering holiday cottages in Davidstow. Sleeps 4.

2 bed holiday cottage

2 Bedroom self-catering holiday cottages in Davidstow. Sleeps 6

cottage Ireland

3 Bedroom self-catering holiday cottages in Davidstow. Sleeps 8

Country cottage

4 Bedroom self-catering holiday cottages in Davidstow. Sleeps 10

5 bedroom country cottage

5 Bedroom self-catering holiday cottages in Davidstow. Sleeps 12

Caravan holiday

Rent a self-catering holiday caravan in Davidstow for your family holiday in Cornwall.

Holiday chalets and log cabins

Book a self-catering log cabin or chalet near Davidstow as your holiday rental in Cornwall.

Features of a Holiday Rental Home in Davidstow

Davidstow holiday property types: Davidstow Farmhouses, Davidstow Apartments, Davidstow lodges, Davidstow holiday barns, Davidstow Bungalows, Davidstow Self-Catering Accommodation, Davidstow Pet Friendly Holiday Cottages, Davidstow Caravans, Davidstow Holiday Homes, Davidstow Boats, Davidstow Chalets, Davidstow Cottages, Davidstow Log cabins

Number of bedrooms in a Davidstow holiday rental: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Davidstow holiday rental amenities: Outdoor grill/BBQ, Balcony, Patio or deck, Cinema room, Dishwasher, En-Suite, Satellite or cable TV, Hair dryer, Air conditioning, Freezer, Fireplace, Private parking, Hot tub, Laundry, Internet access, Games room, Tumbler dryer, Swimming pool, Bed linens provided, Shower, Fridge, Garden or backyard, Washing machine

Nearby amenities in Davidstow: Doctors, Bars, Takeaway, Shops, Chemist, Hospital, Supermarkets, Car Hire, Restaurants

Local activities in Davidstow: Boating, Swimming, Walking, Sightseeing, Horse riding, Golfing, Paragliding, Hiking, Sailing, Shopping, Tennis, Mountain bike riding, Wind surfing, Climbing, Fishing